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MY JET SAVER has designed Aircraft Management Services and Operations to maintain the highest level of safety and
performance for you, your staff and your aircraft.

When it comes to working with an aircraft management provider, you are essentially putting a critical part of you bussines – and personal safety – in someone else´s hands.

We offer a trouble-free and flexible solution on aircraft management according to your specific needs, as well as a professional aircraft management concept.

We support all flight operations scheduling for flights, crew activities, training, travel planning, on board catering, transportation, medical services, technical publications, maintenance, fuel, international services, and more.

All These operations are focused on:

Safety and Confidentiality

-Our Quality Assurance and updated training technicians keep your aircraft maintenance in full airworthiness conditions.

-Emergency response plans help to reduce operational risks.

-We use a call sign during your flights instead of your aircraft tail number.

Fastness and Convenience

-Our personnel take care of fulfilling domestic and international operation regulatory requirements.

-We plan your aircraft maintenance on an optimized way.

-Following IS-BAO principles we improve the operations and avoid surprises.


-Our team negotiates the lowest rates and optimizes management on maintenance, fuel, crew, accommodations and others areas.

-Detailed and customized invoices make finances easier.

– Ask us about planning and performing efficiently to save time and money.


Everything starts with the dream to have your own aircraft

We can help that dream comes true

We guide you safely through the sale or purchase of an aircraft, providing
you with first-hand information and the optimal solution.

what is the best aircraft for you

My Jet Saver can guide you to select the more convenient aircraft for you, based on technical and financial information, even lead you through the acquisition process for a pre-owned or new business jet.

When it comes to evaluate the choices, it is very important to take into consideration which performance characteristics and features must be prioritized to identify the best option, through evaluation of aspects like financial, technical, operational, resale value, taxes and expectations to be considered.

we make it simple just enjoy it

After you have examined your needs vs. your budget, compared aircraft size and performance vs. operating costs, considered insurance issues and chosen the right make/model for you, My Jet Saver support you on negotiation process, pre-purchase inspection, delivery coordination and even aircraft entry-into-service.

It is very important for you to know the history of the aircraft, including the whole maintenance records, so we can also do a little research for you. Afterwards, we assist you on every key step, like the convenience of an advance payment (maybe using escrow services), verifying if the aircraft has a clean title, getting a quality aircraft insurance policy, and even the process after final payment.

On the other hand, if you already have a business aircraft, we can support your sale process. See more...

My Jetsaver can support your aircraft sale process, providing an aircraft valuation estimated through examining market position and using techniques and strategies for a quickly selling. Likewise, we know the proper places to include your aircraft for sale, and we use marketing practices and business relations to create interest from qualified buyers.

We also support you in negotiations and purchase terms, so as to coordinate proper transfer of the title, including verification for complete forms and preparing the aircraft for transfer, authority requirements and records matters.


My Jet Saver aims to manage all aspects concerned with flight crew to operate on a safe and efficient way. Recruit, hiring, training and managing team relationships are part of our services.

Our Crew services include (but are not limited to) private operations, test flights, acceptance flights, Ferry/Delivery flights, Simulator Support.